Unusual workspaces (1)

Lady Londonderry's Sitting Room, Mount Stewart. ©National Trust Images/John Hammond

Mystery library space? ©National Trust Images/John Hammond

No brownie points or cake for anyone guessing where this might be (sorry!), apart from it being my upcoming workplace for a few weeks… This is therefore also a segue into more regular blog posts, which I realise is something that has slipped off my radar rather dramatically over the past few months.

Tip: If you’re keen to find out the location of this library, just click the image! I’m really looking forward to going, because of it’s interesting early 20th century Irish collection and wonderful garden. Apart from cataloguing, I’ll also be helping out with some visitor engagement.

In preparation for this new workplace, I decided to revisit some of the other library desks I’ve used, such as here at Erddig.

The exterior of Erddig seen at an angle showing early autumn colour

Exterior of Erddig in early Autumn.

View from my workspace on to the garden showing a rainbow and early autumn colours in the trees

And a rather wonderful view from the window of the store room I was working in

Workspace at Erddig

Working arrangements – not the most ergonomically sophisticated, but with plenty of opportunity for some exercise! The room I was working in was on the top floor, which meant carrying boxes of books up and down the stairs.

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