Lustige Geschichten, or “Der Struwwelpeter”

A classic among children’s books, who hasn’t heard of or seen images of “Struwwelpeter” (or “Shockheaded Peter” as he’s called in English)? Peter refuses to wash, comb his hair or cut his nails and is therefore not the most popular of boys, the moral being of course that if you look after yourself, people will like you. Continue reading

Unusual workspaces 3: Sudbury

Temporary workspace at SudburyAs mentioned a few weeks ago, I started a project to catalogue children’s books at Sudbury’s Museum of Childhood. It’s been great fun so far and I’ll be showing some of the lovely books I found over the coming months. If you can’t wait, I’ve already uploaded some pictures on Facebook. The view from what was my workspace initially wasn’t brilliant, but I’ve since moved to a better (and more comfortable) location. 😉 Continue reading