James Stephens’ Theme and Variations at Mount Stewart

Bird's eye view of Lady Londonderry's sitting room

Bird’s eye view of Lady Londonderry’s Sitting Room at Mount Stewart looking north. This room is part of a private suite which also included a Breakfast Room and Lord Londonderry’s sitting room.



A couple of months ago, I posted some images of a proof copy I found at Erddig. Recently at Mount Stewart (Northern Ireland), I found another one. This time, it was a gift from the poet and novelist James Stephens (1880-1950) to Edith, 7th Marchioness of Londonderry (1878-1959), whose collection I’d started to catalogue.

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Unusual workspaces (2): Mount Stewart

Mount Stewart
This is one of the more luxurious workspaces I’ve had the privilege of working in (even if the temperature inside averages about 13 degrees celsius). Continue reading

Unusual workspaces (1)

Lady Londonderry's Sitting Room, Mount Stewart. ©National Trust Images/John Hammond

Mystery library space? ©National Trust Images/John Hammond

No brownie points or cake for anyone guessing where this might be (sorry!), apart from it being my upcoming workplace for a few weeks… This is therefore also a segue into more regular blog posts, which I realise is something that has slipped off my radar rather dramatically over the past few months.

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