Bookplates (1): Michael Begon et amicis

Procopius Historia Paris 1662

Title page of Procopius’ collected works (vol. 1), printed in Paris in 1662, now at Hatfield House. Reproduced by kind permission.

In provenance research – the study of evidence of previous ownership of items – bookplates and other ex-libri can be a great resource. Taking into account that these plates could sometimes be recycled or added considerable time after a book had entered a collection, the identification of the individuals behind the bookplates can nevertheless be really rewarding. This is especially the case when plates turn up unexpectedly in unrelated collections or when we know for certain that the owner’s collection was dispersed.

This week’s bookplate turned up in the library at Hatfield House, pasted into an edition of the collected works by the 6th-century Byzantine scholar Procopius of Caesaria, printed in Paris in 1662-3 (fol., 2 vols.)

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