Danielle as a librarian in conservation action

Historic book collections and their care need the services of a specialist librarian. I’ve worked in libraries from National Trust country houses to an Oxford college. In these places, I learned about how important it is to find a balance between access and conservation. As a result, I also have a deep understanding of the issues of keeping books in old houses.

Finally, with broad experience of cataloguing rare books to an international standard, I’m in a good position to assess collection needs and to scope out cataloguing projects.


As a librarian, how can I help?

I offer the following services:

  • Surveying book collections
  • Writing collection management policies and helping to formulate implementation strategies
  • Cataloguing to internationally recognised standards
  • Advising when it is necessary to call in an accredited book conservator
  • Presenting talks to staff, volunteers and members of the public about the collection
  • Mounting displays of collection highlights

Unfortunately, I don’t undertake valuations.

So, why not contact me to discuss your needs? I look forward to working with you on your collections.

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