Apart from indulging my love of old books, I’m also a historian with many years experience of undertaking research projects. I started in medieval cultural history, before branching out into eighteenth-century books, gardens and buildings. Rather than delving into a single tiny subject, I really enjoy the variety of research topics coming my way.

While doing my degree, I learned use different types of sources to answer questions and to handle large amounts of data.

How can I help?

I welcome research enquiries from private individuals, Old books to indicate historical researchpublishers, editors, writers, organisations, companies or community groups in the following areas:

  • Family or local history
  • Landscape and buildings
  • Institutions or organisations
  • Medieval history
  • Historic libraries


Using a wide range of documentary and visual resources, you’ll receive a final written report with a methodology statement. Digital images may be provided, depending on the copyright limitations set by the issuing record office.

Therefore, if you need someone to give you a hand with your history project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please bear in mind that historical sources are often incomplete. Sometimes the results can be disappointing or the research leads to nothing despite my best efforts.

Note that I do NOT provide an essay writing service for students.

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