Why freelance?

Danielle, a freelance historian, librarian, writer

Historian, librarian, writer…

These words really sum up who I am! What drives me is curiosity, a love of books, and the enjoyment of sharing my knowledge with others. From an early age, the past and books (both reading and writing them) have interested me; I’m fortunate to have been able to make a freelance career combining the two subjects. I hold MAs in English and Medieval Studies; an MSc Econ in Library and Information Studies, specialising in rare books librarianship; and a PhD in Medieval Studies. My thesis was published as Death and the noble body by Boydell in 2008.

As a rare books librarian, I survey historic libraries, catalogue books, and advise on collections management. As a historian, I’m happy to research any period or subject, but will advise you if I feel a project lies outside my scope.

Reports, surveys, interpretation materials, articles, blog posts – writing is part of my daily work. I know how to pitch to my different audiences and love playing with words.

Why freelance?

Basically, I enjoy the variety of meeting new people and getting stuck into a new project. That’s also why I offer different services.

With over fifteen years of researching the past and writing about it, and nearly ten years of experience working with and in historic libraries, I’m in an excellent position to support organisations and individuals hoping to unlock their past.

Whether you need a historian to help you research an object, building, landscape or library collection, I plan and deliver my findings to a high standard. I also undertake surveys of historic book collections and can advise on cataloguing and basic collections care. Based in the Midlands (UK), I have easy access to a number of archives,  libraries, and other repositories, for example in London.

For further information, have a look on my LinkedIn profile or drop me a line.



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